“Our philosophy is simple. If we help good brands do good, then there will be more good in the world. These are the passionate companies that try to create the best products possible. They may be independently owned, avoid additives, invest in eco friendly packaging or give back to others. They are fighting the good fight. By us helping them thrive we can create a better tomorrow”


Cara Richardson 
Founder and Executive Creative Director

Strategy / Creative / Digital / Social 

We believe in ethical advertising. Advertising that helps you grow and succeed. The work we do exists for the benefit of our clients, not for our folio or award entries. 

Our team consists of senior advertising professionals, who have worked in all of the big shiny global agencies. The knowledge they bring to the table is of the highest calibre, with a focus on effectiveness and brand retention.

We believe in strategic story-telling and design. We know a supermarket shelf is a battle ground and we have the best creative talent in-house to ensure you stand out and shine.


We have transformed and accelerated brands, both locally and across the globe, through progressive design philosophies and a conscious use of craft.

Strategy / Positioning / Naming / Identity / Packaging / Websites

Cara Richardson

Executive Creative Director

Marina Rolfe

Art Director

Juan Urrea

Senior Designer

Rhian Streeter-Jones

Account Manager

Bryan Micallef

Strategic Account Director

Amelia Micallef

Creative Director

Phoebe Cracknell

Digital Community Manager

Louise Karch

Brand Copywriter

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