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In 2015, ticketless parking was an unknown, revolutionary technology. As a start-up tech company, Admyt needed to quickly communicate a complex business model to investors, major retailers, and consumers in multiple countries across the globe. 


Our solution leverages strategic storytelling and experiential marketing to activate multiple international stakeholder groups, and is the key sales driver for the brand.

Admyt smashed its sales target less than a year after launch, thanks to smart storytelling, a fun brand identity, and a strategic approach to B2B marketing.

Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Tone of Voice, Social Media Strategy, Digital Marketing, Launch Campaign, Investor Pitch
Admyt-Social-Media-Agency Melbourne.jpg

User Journey Mapping of the retail shopper experience fed into an Activation Strategy that utilised a mix of on and offline critical touchpoints where parking could be a pain. 

These insights were the foundation of a robust positioning strategy, brand story and visual identity system that drove early adoption amongst the brand’s diverse stakeholder groups.


Outdoor displays and installations invoking witty headlines were deployed throughout major foot traffic areas within retail centres, with marketing further enhanced via on-premise promotional teams, social media marketing, direct response eDMs, co-branded sponsored promotions, and trade activations.


Admyt secured their first major client within a month of launch, and eclipsed their annual target of active app users in under a year.

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