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Governor's Estate

As 3rd generation flavour purveyors, Governor's Estate needed strategic revitalisation of their FMCG packaging design to ignite distribution with retailers across the globe.


It was imperative that the new brand and product portfolio piqued the interest of trend-savvy retailers looking for a luxury, wrapped, premium experience that aligned with demand for drinkable wellness. 


Insights from a category and consumer deep-dive were distilled into the B2B retailer strategy, packaging architecture, and marketing program focusing on tea as a wellness ritual.

With the Australian tea category to tip $1.5B by 2021, Governor’s Estate single-origin wellness teas present an affordable, luxury experience for today’s emerging health-savvy tea connoisseur.

Brand Strategy, Brand Story, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Activation Strategy, Retailer Presentation
GE-Statement-C copy.jpg

To succeed, the packaging needed to go beyond product benefits and flavour profiles. It needed to capture the nuanced essence of a personal crafted artisanal experience.

Governor's Estate new visual identity and packaging strategy draws upon the vibrant and decadent hues of Sri Lankan textiles and colonial estate architecture. 


Bold colours and whimsical storytelling create an expressive navigation system for Governor Estate range. Premium embellishments and substrates enhance the luxury appeal, whilst remaining within an affordable retail price-point.


Governor's Estate new packaging design and story have helped secure distribution in gourmet retailers, 5-star resorts, and luxury food service channels.

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