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Behind every great brand is a powerful brand idea, driven by deep strategic insight.


In 2012, Mayver's faced category deletion. With only two products ranged in national retailers, they approached Tuckshop to reimagine the Mayver's brand identity, packaging and marketing strategy from the ground up.

A human-centred, strategic deep-dive uncovered crucial category and competitor insights that drove every aspect of the creation of Mayver's new brand identity, FMCG packaging, social media strategy, and brand activations program.

With sales of Mayver’s tripling to $9M in the first 3 years alone, the brand has continued its evolution to become Australia's #1 natural peanut butter.

Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Social Media, Website UI Design, Brand Activations, Illustration, Retailer Presentation, Campaigns, Influencer Marketing

Grass-roots honest storytelling plus a genuine human-led approach to through-the-line and strategic social media marketing have built Mayver's into the iconic brand that it is today

Early adoption was driven by the strategic simplification of Mayver's brand story, which was integrated throughout all touchpoints, including website, Always-On social media strategy, and ongoing Influencer partnerships.

Tactical, brand-aligned Influencer partnerships have resulted in the creation of high-quality, user-generated content, which underpins a core pillar of Mayver's Always-On social media program.

Our ongoing optimisation of Mayver's digital marketing, packaging, and brand identity ensures they remain at the category forefront. 

Since rebranding, Mayver’s sales increased 1200% in under five years, over 80,000 fans engage monthly across social media, and the brand has become Australia's #1 choice of natural peanut butter.

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