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Niulife's mission for erasing poverty didn't start out in a boardroom. It began in 1976 on a remote island where orchids grew on coconut trees and people were hungry for change.


After 25 years of helping some of the world's poorest coastal villages, Niulife needed to simplify its 80-page website, and revitalise their packaging portfolio to regain sales in the competitive coconut category.

Nobody knew that Niulife gives 100% of all profits back to the villages that make their products. This social enterprise was just another jar of coconut oil competing on the shelf.

Within 3 months of rebranding, Niulife posted its largest sales growth and made $42K online in 24hrs thanks to smart influencer marketing and a tactical brand activation strategy.

Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Brand Narrative, Packaging Design, Social Media, Website UI Design, Brand Activations, Illustration, Retailer Presentation, Campaigns, Influencer Marketing

Kick-starting with a strategic brand discovery, category audit, and consumer deep-dive, Niulife's complex proposition was distilled into the story that "This is the oil that changes lives". 

Niulife's single-minded message was integrated across all campaign touchpoints. including the packaging design, B2B retailer presentation, eComm website, brand activations, video content, consumer marComms, social media strategy, and influencer marketing program.


As a social enterprise, it was essential that the brand identity and social media toolkit could be easily executed by Niulfe's inhouse design team.


Within 3 months, Niulife's launch campaign delivered 400% sales growth, 20% fanbase increase across social media and the eDM, a 584% uplift in website traffic, and $42K of online sales in 24hrs via a strategic Influencer collab.


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