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Copy of How honestly good business is seriously good for profit

Our recent jaunt to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim LA, highlighted great opportunities for Aussie CPG brands to capitalise on the growing demand for ‘honestly good’ products with consciously connected consumers.

Characterised by high quality, locally produced, “real” foods, The Good Food Movement is growing at a rapid rate, and is driven by brands passionate about creating a better future through social and environmental sustainability.

Whilst brands like Thankyou, Patagonia Provisions, Who Gives a Crap, and Toms have championed responsible consumption in mainstream conversation, you don’t need to be a social enterprise to join the burgeoning wave of do-good FMCG.

Increasingly, consumers are wanting a chain of custody approach that shows the full lifecycle of the product. They want to see that all suppliers in the chain embrace the ‘for good’ ethos.

Rethinking a holistic approach to responsible material sourcing, regenerative agricultural practices, 0-waste, clean labelling, ethical packaging, lower-impact distribution and grass-roots corporate social responsibility are ways to impact social and environmental performance, as well as drive trust and loyalty with today’s conscious consumer.

So, what does this mean for food and lifestyle CPG brands?

Nick Bez, Research Director of Mobium Group says increased consumer interest in healthier and more sustainable product and service choices has clear portents for marketers, with the Australian market doubling since 2007, from $12 billion to over $26 billion.

“Informed customers are looking to purchase a range of healthy or sustainable goods and services, which include organic food, personal care, cleaning and home maintenance, alternative healthcare, eco-tourism as well as more ethical choices within their superannuation funds and investments,” he says.

Everyday Australian families are spending a combined $13.6 billion extra each year on ‘healthy eating’ trend foods. According to Nielsen, 67% of Australians indicated a willingness to pay up to twice as much for a premium product that is organic or contains all natural ingredients, with a increasing preference towards “better for me, better for the world” offer.

The power of simple stories

Beyond operational governance, connecting powerfully with today’s conscious consumer is about integrating your brand purpose, promise and story across crucial touchpoints in the customer journey. From retailer trade presentations to packaging design, website, brand activations, PR, influencer partnerships and social media marketing.

The simpler the story, the more memorable it can be.

At Tuckshop, we have seen first-hand how Mayvers and Niulife activated their Good Food brand strategy across marketing channels to drive differentiation and sales, with both brands recording year-on-year, double-digital growth since rebranding.

Niulife is an Australian social enterprise that’s reinvented their manufacturing process to erase poverty and empower lives in remote coastal island villages. They give 100% of their profits back to the villages that make their coconut oil, and are on the ground in the Solomon Island helping locals setup sustainable regenerative agriculture practices which provide regular food safety for entire communities. For fans Niulife's brand message is clear - This is the brand that changes lives. We give it all back, and you make this possible.

Mayver’s is a family-owned, Aussie brand that’s committed to a happier, healthier society by creating the tastiest snacks and spreads made from nothing but goodness! Since Mayver's rebrand in 2013, they have grown to become Australia’s favourite brand of natural peanut butter.

This is the idea that drives our philosophy at Tuckshop.

By improving the profitability of good brands doing great things, they can make an even greater impact. These are the companies creating the best products possible. They may be independently owned, avoid additives, invest in eco friendly packaging or give back to others. They are fighting the good fight. By us helping them thrive we can create a better tomorrow.

If you would like to discuss how honestly good products are good business, get in touch and we can catch up for a coffee. Ethically sourced of course.

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