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True Fruit

Following 25 years of success, True Fruit needed to up the ante with their packaging and innovation strategy to deliver confidence to the retailers, and to connect profitably with health-savvy shoppers.

An audit of the brand's portfolio ascertained opportunities to evolve the brand narrative and retail strategy. Further exploration of category, competitor, and consumer trends highlighted five authentic advantages of the True Fruit brand.


Empathy mapping identified that Aussie mums love Aussie made, especially if it's made from 100% real Aussie ingredients.

True Fruit’s revitalised brand identity, packaging, and B2B retailer pitch turned the tables for this Aussie icon, saving the brand from category deletion.

Brand Strategy, Brand Story, Identity Design, FMCG Packaging Design, Social Media, Website UI Design, Brand Activations, Illustration, Retailer Pitch
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With a loyal fanbase, it was essential that True Fruit's rebrand and packaging design needed to leverage semiotics and familiar visual nuances from the existing packaging design.

Bold, bright colours and contemporary illustrations were combined with conversational storytelling across the website, marketing comms and FCMG packaging design to create a fun, modern range of Aussie fruit snacks.

Critical trends and consumer insights were developed into a B2B Retailer Pitch Presentation which strategically positioned True Fruit as the answer for mums looking for healthy treats.


Within a month of relaunching, True Fruit had expanded its range in major retailers and gourmet grocers throughout Australia, Asia and the UAE.

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